On behalf of the organizing committee of the International Union of Materials Research Societies - International Conference in Asia 2021 (IUMRS-ICA 2021), it is my great honor and pleasure to cordially invite you to IUMRS-ICA 2021 Conference which will be held from October 3 to 8, 2021 at ICC Jeju, Jeju Island, Korea.

As you are probably aware of, IUMRS-ICA 2021 is a continuation in the series of the conferences among the Asian MRS Members including China-MRS, MRS-India, MRS-Japan, MRS-Korea, MRS-Singapore and MRS-Thailand, and this year it is supported by the Material Research Society of Korea (MRS-K).

The program of IUMRS-ICA 2021 consists of 13 symposia; Energy Materials and Devices, Materials and Devices for Displays and Optoelectronics, Materials and Devices for Sensors, Materials, Processing, and Devices for Flexible Electronics, Two-dimensional van der Waals Materials: Graphene and Beyond Graphene, Advanced Structural Materials Computational Materials, Advanced Fabrication, Characterization and Devices, Semiconductor Materials and Devices, Biomaterials and Soft Materials, Neuro-inspired and Quantum Computing Materials and Devices, Materials-Related Interdisciplinary Issues, and Synchrotron Based Analysis about Materials for Various Application.

Since the first conference was commenced, this meeting has become a fundamental ground to exchange quality results and ideas provided by the researchers and scientists within universities, industries and research institutes. Furthermore, it also provides a conference to present the cutting-edge research outputs which would help both students and researchers with their future research studies and works to be conducted. Hence, the individuals actively engaged in materials research and developments are greatly encouraged to participate in the conference and gain academic insights they have desired.

The hosting city of IURMS-ICA 2021, Jeju Island is a worldwide unique place as UNESCO world natural heritage site. Jeju Island also provides all elements for global natural sight themes, including islands, volcanos, waterfalls, beaches, national parks, caves and forests.

The organizing committee of the IUMRS-ICA 2021 truly believe that it will be an absolutely great opportunity for you to gain not only academic insights but also vivid Korean culture and life styles which will be eventually broadened to the Asian cultures by the participants coming from all over the world.

I do thank you for your participation and contributions in advance and look forward to seeing you in Jeju, Korea.

Thank you very much.

Dojin Kim
Chair of IUMRS-ICA 2021
Chungnam National University, Korea